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Tianyu & Management is committed to the service of the community, understanding that children are the major contributors to our future society. We strive together with the family and society beyond to create educational and personal excellence for the future harmony of our world.

At Tianyu Education & Management , we are committed to operating with integrity and complying with laws, regulations, accreditation standards, polices and our company values. Upholding these commitments is essential to fulfilling our mission of service to the community in which our programmes are located.

We commit to

Providing the highest standards in educational program content and instructor qualifications
Transparency with our students, each other, our regulators and the public regarding our

  • Ethical standards
  • Commitment to our students, team and earth
  • Program objectives and outcomes
  • Ongoing support for students’ educational goals
  • Accreditation and regulatory compliance

Provide marketing and recruiting information and materials that are

  • Clearly written and understandable
  • Focused on the prospective student’s emotional growth and academic needs
  • Honest about the families responsibilities that lead to completion and success in our programmes
  • Respectful of other schools and their programs

Be innovative through:

  • Fostering an environment that supports creative educational approaches in support of program objectives and outcomes
  • Continually learning and improving upon our innovative approaches
  • Reinvesting time, energy and materialistically in enhancing student programs
  • Providing the student an evolving programme
  • Reducing our Footprint on our Earth.