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Letter from Our Founder

In a quest to ensure my child had the very best education environment, I realised I am far from alone in my search for an institute that can nurture, support and guide our youth. This realisation and a drive to make a difference is what has led me on this journey of education entrepreneurship.

Like most mothers, my dream for the perfect environment for my child to study, explore and pursue his full potential led me on a search of books, webpages and early childhood environments. Looking for somewhere that not only provided a clean and safe environment but also supported and respected emotional development and the natural growth of the child became my absolute goal.

Unfortunately, my search did not fulfil my dream. I was disappointed with the options available. So, instead of just ‘making do’, I decided to realise the dream independently! I visited schools and kindergartens throughout China, Australia the UK and the US and set forward to establish an International kindergarten. From opening our founding International kindergarten with just a few families, to watching the hundreds of families that we serve today in all of our campuses, my heart and passion for education just keeps getting stronger and stronger and our 1 kindergarten has now grown into an educational group.

Over the past four years, more and more educators, experts, teachers and international educational institutions have joined us in serving the education needs of our community. This has fostered an environment of rich, quality educational resources which enables us to serve children and youth from birth to 18 years old. Our vision has become more clear, and our mission more specific!

As we move ahead to face more challenges and assume more social responsibility, I dearly cherish the opportunities that this social development and progress have afforded me. I am grateful to all of the families who have trusted in our vision and chosen our services. It is under your recognition and support that we have grown! The support from our country and government is also much appreciated. This support has paved a solid road and foundation for international and global education.

I believe that I have been gifted this opportunity to fulfil my dream by the society. Giving back in service and ensuring every child has the best start is what I humbly offer back.

Lina Wong