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More than anything, Tianyu wants all children to have the opportunity to the best early childhood possible. That’s why we have created this section, so as to share and grow! Our expert team is available for consultation on any of the following. Contact us for more details or to book an appointment and check back in regularly for new seminar topics.

Internationally certified Montessori Instructors
Internationally Certified Parents Effectiveness Training Instructors
More than a century of education teaching & management experience
Understanding the difference between Chinese and foreign preschool education
Recognizing and respecting the parent’s needs
Advocates for the rights of every child

Finding the perfect balance in today’s increasingly busy world can sometimes be challenging. Young children can respond with aggression, difficult behaviour withdrawal or hyper-attachment. Tianyu offers family consultation sessions for parents to talk through their situation, finding a solution together to the problems faced.

Let our team of experts help design your pre-schoolers perfect environment! From furniture to toy ideas, we will help set up the minimalist environment that will compliment your child’s schooling and that all children flourish in.

Providing workshops and seminars for companies, schools and conferences, book one of our experts to speak on any of the below topics.

Speaking with Children The importance of the first 2 years Preparing the Adult for his life with the child An Introduction to Montessori Montessori – Bridging the gap between Montessori and Public Primary Schools Behavior Management First Aid Parent Effectiveness Training Children and Food Yoga, Meditation and the emotional awareness of the child An introduction to Brain Development.