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Our History

Our History

Sky Avenues was established in 2013 and was borne out of an idea to offer a comprehensive and engaging international education to all young children in Xiamen.


The last twenty years has seen global expansion on a massive scale and the world is smaller than it has ever been. As Xiamens first international kindergarten, our aim is to bring a diverse and culturally aware education system that produces confident, happy children who have a strong sense of identity, can think independently and are able to move across cultures easily.


China has seen much change in recent time and, no matter what background your child is from, it is likely that they will spend some of their later life studying, working or travelling in other countries. Sky Avenues addresses this on two levels:


Firstly we offer children a total English immersion learning environment. By combining this English with the Mandarin they speak by living in China and with the native language you speak together at home, we are enabling young children the opportunity to become proficient in two or more languages from an early age.


Secondly, much of our cognitive thought processes and our way of looking at the world are defined when we are under 6 years old. Offering children the opportunity to develop in an international environment that promotes care, empathy, diversity and respect for others builds the foundation that will make them a caring and understanding global citizen in later life.