About Us

Our Philosophy

Producing happy, healthy and confident learners

Much of our philosophy is simple and is based on providing children with the best quality education in a safe and secure environment that promotes children¡¯s wellbeing and happiness. Our experience shows that children learn best when they are having fun and engaged.


Sky Avenues¡¯ ethos is based on several guiding principals:

We take a holistic approach to learning. We not only focus on your child¡¯s learning and English language development but we also develop all aspects of their physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

We teach to the individual potential of each child. Many schools in China teach the entire class to the same level. At Sky Avenues, we consider each child¡¯s unique capabilities and potential and work to these. That is why we often use smaller group work and team games.

We are an International community that promotes cultural competence. We respect and celebrate diversity amongst our Sky Avenues family and we teach children to understand, communicate and effectively interact across cultures. We also believe that good manners are an integral part of any community and children are encouraged to show these at all times.

We foster partnerships with each family. We have a vast knowledge & experience in early childhood education but nobody knows your child as well as you. At Sky Avenues we promote an open communication with families based on the principals of mutual trust and respect.

We promote learning through play and creativity. Teachers produce learning environments and activities that encourage children to use meaningful play to explore ideas, solve problems, think critically and use their imagination to its full.

We have high expectations. We want children to have fun and we believe that comes from giving children a challenging, varied and rewarding learning programme. Our staff also benefits from ongoing training and we believe in a reflective practice where we are always open to new teaching methods and ideas

We look to create life-long learners. By creating fun and vibrant spaces and activities, and encouraging children to explore ideas and pursue individual interests, we aim to create the desire for knowledge in all our children. As they move forward, we hope this continual wondering and reflecting on the world around us develops through adulthood.