Field Trips

A full and enriching education

We believe in offering children an active, all-round education and this is sometimes benefited by off-campus excursions.

Our children love getting out of the classroom and popular field trips include visiting: The Botanical Gardens, local beaches and parks.

During these Field Trips safety and security is paramount. All sites are thoroughly researched and checked before we visit. We follow a higher staff:child ratio than our usual classroom policy and the School Nurse accompanies all trips with a First Aid kit.

If transport is required to get there, we only use reputable companies and all coaches must be fitted with seatbelts. During the journey teachers ensure that children remain seated at all times.

If a packed lunch is required, this will be provided by the school kitchens.

Please note that we cant plan for the weather, so it is advisable to pack waterproof clothing and extra changes of clothes on the day. Your class teacher will give you a list of items you will need in advance. In the event of bad weather, we will usually reschedule the field trip for another day.