Our Building

A big, fun place to learn

At Sky Avenues International Kindergarten, we are fortunate to have modern, spacious facilities all contained in our purpose-built campus. Designed to international standards, spaces are bright and airy. In the centre of the building, our second outdoor space is integrated into the lobby to make the most of the warm Xiamen weather.


In total our campus covers an area of over 5000m2 which is the equivalent of over 20m2 per child even when we are at full capacity!



Each of our 10 classrooms are 200m2 in size, filled with natural light and decorated using the highest quality construction materials. 

Each classroom contains; a learning area, a large activity area (which is also used for sleeping during nap time), a children-friendly bathroom, kitchenette and cloakroom. All classrooms have air conditioning and heating and are monitored with security cameras. There is also a state-of-the-art air filtration and cleaning system in each room.

Classrooms are organised by the teachers using a western ethos - with different zones; such as a reading zone, a building zone, a nature zone and a dramatic play zone. We also have a carpeted 'Circle Time' area which is used throughout the day for music, learning and story time activities.

All of our classrooms are equipped with a large range of educational toys which have been handpicked by our Principal to ensure that every toy is age appropriate and can be used in learning activities. Children are also encouraged to be creative wherever possible and all of our classrooms are bursting with children's art work and creations!



Our school library has over five hundred English books. These books have been selected to inspire, entertain and educate children. Many of these books are part of the reading list of the Australian national framework for Early Childhood Education. Others are simply kids' favourites from the west. Children are encouraged to read throughout the day and books in the classroom are regularly exchanged for new ones from the library. All children get to visit the library in small groups from time to time to teach them how to respect books.


Multi-Purpose Gym Room

Our specially designed multi-purpose room boasts eight metre high ceilings to ensure a feeling of space. This space is used for indoor play (when the weather is unsuitable to go outside), for music classes, events and extra-curricular activities.


Outdoor Play Areas

One of the benefits of our campus is the generous space we possess and, as such, we have two outdoor play areas.

The central play area (in the middle of the school) is based around a seaside theme, with a large sandpit and adjacent water play area - which is used regularly throughout the warmer months.

The outer play area includes a massive open plan area (designed to encourage fun sports and activities with the teachers), kindergarten and nursery climbing structures, and also a garden area where children are able to grow their own plants and vegetables. Our playground equipment is checked regularly to ensure maximum safety and all children are made aware of sun safety when heading outside (all children have to wear sunscreen and sunhats during sunny days). 



Providing young children with a healthy and balanced diet is very important and our kitchen reflects this. Our kitchen exceeds both local government and Australian government standards for health and safety, and is equipped with full cooking and baking facilities, a separate room for rinsing, washing and sterilizing plates and cutlery, and an extensive food preparation area. Parents are welcome to visit our kitchen facilities at any time during the school day. Please ask at reception if you would like to take a look.


Nurse's Room

To ensure the health of your child, we employ a full time nurse who has extensive experience of working in a kindergarten. If any child feels unwell, teachers will take them to the Nurse's Room where they can be checked and, if they are considered contagious or would prefer to rest somewhere quietly, they can remain there until their parents arrive to collect them.



Part of the Sky Avenues service is to help Mums by washing all bedding in school. Our laundry is equipped with commercial grade washing machines and dryers to ensure maximum cleanliness. We also use imported children's washing detergent.