School Uniform

Our Uniform

At Sky Avenues, children must wear school uniform every Monday and for special occasions (e.g. school events, school photos, field trips and parties). If children wish to wear uniform on other days they are, of course, very welcome to do so and it is actively encouraged by teachers.


Wearing a uniform helps make children feel part of the school family and teaches them the importance of dressing with care and taking pride in their appearance.


If your child chooses not to wear uniform from Tuesday to Friday, we would ask that you refrain from buying expensive or difficult to wash clothing C many of our activities are hands-on and involve messy products such as paint or glue. Whilst we teach children how to use these items carefully and they wear aprons during activity time, we dont want children to feel restricted because they are afraid of spoiling their clothes.


Wearing school uniform when we go outside for field trips is compulsory. It is a safety measure that makes our students easier to identify.


School uniform can be purchased at the school reception.